+ google would be nice

Just thinking about how to get better ROI from my links. I typically put links in there that I want to retrieve later, usually multiple times. I don't put transiently interesting links in there usually, as I know I'll never go back there. I use to store links I know I'll want to refer to again and again.

Problem is, is a black hole. I throw stuff in there, and I never return to it. Why? Because the little Google search box in firefox makes it way to easy to just search google.

What I need is a single search box, but with the ability to search google and I want to see my links have very high priority on my google searches. If I can integrate the two databases, then I'd have something special.

I'm sure there's a way to do this with a firefox plugin.

There real issue is, "How do I know I put something into" Once it's in there, how do I know I'm even able to retrieve it? That's why google works so well, because I don't have to know if it exists or not.. I just assume it does. With, that assumption isn't valid all the time. But my workflow doesn't involve me asking myself, "Maybe I bookmarked it, so first let me search" I need the searching of my bookmarks and the whole web to be integrated into one simple search.

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