Locking Rows in SQL Server 2005

There turns out to be a few different ways to lock rows in SQL Server 2005.

The `SERIALIZABLE` tag is one of the options. Here are a few more:

SQL Server Row Locking Strategies

As an aside, Rails (and Hibernate) support object locking with database locking semantics. In Rails 1.1.x, only optimistic locking was supported. Rails 1.2 added support for pesimistic locking.

Hibernate accomplishes the row lock with:

return tableName + " with (updlock, rowlock)";

AFAICT, Rails punts on this. I can't find the locking syntax in the connection adapter. There is an add_lock! But it expects the locking syntax string unless you can use the default (`FOR UPDATE`, which of course SQL Server doesn't support). That's pretty lame on Rails' part. But anyway...

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