Using Gmail to Relay Email

I'm preparing to move everything I host in house to save on monthly fees. My bandwidth needs are very low, but I need a lot of storage for home movies. Running a small linux server off my cable modem makes the most sense now.

Sending email from this server is a bit tricky, but with the help of some excellent tutorials, I've managed to tell postfix to relay all email through gmail. Google Apps For Your Domain is hosting my email, so this works out perfectly. (note: I'm only using regular gmail for my relay so far. I will try to use my google apps account soon.)

If you want to use gmail to relay email, check out the Gmail Relay Emails for Postfix on Redhat tutorial or the Gmail Relay Emails for Postfix on Ubuntu tutorial. Note that if you are running Ubuntu, you need to download the Thawte root SSL certificates, as outlined in a comment at that tutorial.

As a side note, I'm using DNS Park for my DNS hosting. DNS Park will host two free domains for you, and supports dynamic DNS updates. Dynamic DNS is crucial if you are on a cable modem or DSL. The excellent ddclient has a sample DNS Park configuration.

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