Parallel OLAP Cube Construction

Still tilting at windmills here, with my quest to calculate an OLAP cube still trotting along. Lately I've been using Erlang to see if I can use its concurrent programming abilities to scale the OLAP cube generation. The initial progress is promising, with clear concurrency complete.

I hope to post the majority of the code soon, after I run a few more tests. For now, here's how I add two lists of numbers in Erlang. Please let me know if there's a better way.


The best way to do this is (thanks to Daniel Larsson):

lists:zipwith(fun(X,Y) -> X+Y end, [1,2],[3,4])

Old 'n busted way:

add_measures(OldMeasures, NewMeasures) ->
add_measures(OldMeasures, NewMeasures, []).

add_measures([Old|OldRest], [New|NewRest], Accum) ->
add_measures(OldRest, NewRest, [Old+New|Accum]);

add_measures([], [], Accum) -> lists:reverse(Accum).

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