Programming in Scala - The Book

Artima has just released a pre-release copy of Programming in Scala. Much like the Pragmatic Programmers handle their book publishing, you can buy the pre-release copy as a PDF now, and Artima will provide free updates as the book progresses. You can choose to purchase just the PDF, or the PDF/Printed bundle.

Scala is a really fun programming language, combining object oriented and functional aspects into one dynamic and powerful package. Best of all, Scala runs on the JVM, so it can take advantage of the entire Java ecosystem.

If you're interested in functional programming (and you should be) but don't want to completely abandon your investment in OOP or in Java, then you need to give Scala a look.

One of my favorite features of Scala is the Actors support. You can use Actors to achieve Erlang style concurrent and scalable systems on the JVM. Now that's hot.

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