Issues with Active Scaffold and Rails 2.1, Solved

If you are looking to upgrade to Rails 2.1 and you are using Active Scaffold, be aware it still has a few rough edges.

Make sure you install the Rails 2.1 branch of Active Scaffold:

git clone git://
cd active_scaffold
git branch -r (just lists the branches)
git checkout origin/rails-2.1

(Check out the full thread for Rails 2.1 and Active Scaffold compatibility)

Second, I had to patch vendor/plugins/active_scaffold/lib/extensions/generic_view_path.rb. On line 53, make it look like this:

if !@template.controller.is_a?(ActionMailer::Base) && @template.controller.class.uses_active_scaffold?

I had to add !@template.controller.is_a?(ActionMailer::Base) &&

All my tests are now passing!

I still love Active Scaffold, even though it's a bit behind the times.

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