Proposed Enhancements For Web Browsers

I was listening to Muxtape (quite possibly the best user interface for a web application). I use Firefox and I have lots of tabs open. Muxtape is playing the background, in another tab. Sometimes a song comes up on Muxtape that I don't like and wish I could skip, however, I'm in "the flow" and don't want to leave my current tab or application.

I'd like to propose an enhancement for web browsers to simplify the interaction with tabs in the background. Web applications should be able to specify a small menu of commands which can be executed from the tab without having to pull that tab into the foreground.

I'd love to be able to right-click on the tab and see options such as "Skip", "Pause", "Back", or "Repeat". This context relative menu is specific to each tab, and by clicking on any of the options, a Javascript function would be called.

I envision this as easily specified as part of the larger effort of HTML 5 to address modern day requirements of web applications to offer a richer experience.

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