CouchDB Ruby Libraries

This is a quick list of CouchDB Ruby libraries. Need to connect Ruby to CouchDB? Try one of these!

  1. CouchRest - hosted at GitHub, this library by Chris Anderson (jchris), has a low level component and a high level component.
  2. RelaxDB - also hosted at GitHub, this library provides a base class that your models will extend (similar to the high level component provided by CouchRest.) RelaxDB adds pagination support as well as has_many and belongs_to relationship support.
  3. CouchObject - this library is unique because it is implemented as a module, to be included in your model class. This library also has both low level and high level components.
  4. Basic Model - from topfunky, this library was featured in the PeepCode CouchDB episode. Your model classes extend BasicModel.
  5. ActiveCouch - tries to look like ActiveRecord. Supporting a simple find method to query views. Views are defined as Ruby classes, and loaded via rake tasks.
  6. CouchFoo - attempts to replication ActiveRecord look and feel. Newer than the rest of the libraries, so takes lessons learned from all other Ruby libraries.

I've personally used CouchRest, but only its low level components.

For much more in depth analysis of many of these libraries, a little place of calm has a great eight part series on writing Ruby on Rails applications with CouchDB which covers ActiveCouch, RelaxDB, and Basic Model.

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