Force HTTP GET for Ext JS DataGrid and Store and JsonReader

I work with ExtJS a lot, and have had great luck with it. We use the layouts, DataGrid, and most of the included widgets.

One thing that has always struck me as odd is the Store (the class responsible for fetching and exposing the data) defaults to a HTTP POST when retrieving data. I think that any retrieval of data from an HTTP end point should be GET, to take advantage of caching and the simple fact that the operation is idempotent.

If you want to force a HTTP GET method to be used when retrieving data with an Ext JS Store (for instance, when retrieving JSON data), here's the Javascript code:

var proxy = new{
url: '/foos.json',
method: 'GET'

var store = new{
remoteSort: true,
proxy: proxy,
sortInfo: {field: 'id', direction:'desc'},
reader: new{
fields: [{name:'id', type:'number'},
{name:"created_at", type: 'date', dateFormat: Date.patterns.XmlSchema},
totalProperty: 'totalRecords',
root: 'records'          

Notice the external HttpProxy which defines the URI that returns the JSON data as well as the HTTP method. Pass this HttpProxy to the Store and you'll be using GET!

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