Hack on Google Storage Service at RailsConf 2010


The Ruby on Rails community will be converging in Baltimore between June 7 and 10 for RailsConf 2010. Google will be on hand to take in the great talks, speak about OAuth, OpenID and the Google Data APIs and Scaling Rails on App Engine with JRuby and Duby, and to collect the feedback and ideas from the Rails community.

Google announced a lot of interesting services within the past year, many at Google I/O, that would appeal to Rails developers. For example, the Google Apps Marketplace allows you to integrate, and monetize, your application with customers' Google Apps domains. The new Google Storage Service, a cloud data storage service, was also just announced with features such as write-read consistency.

We know developers want to start hacking with these technologies, so Google will be hosting a Hackfest and reception at RailsConf 2010. There will also be food, drinks, and swag.

If you register for the RailsConf Google Hackfest before June 8th you can request access to Google Storage Service, so don't delay!

I'll be at RailsConf to also help anyone with the newly announced Chrome Web Store, an app store for the web. Rails developers can use Chrome Web Store to easily distribute and monetize their web applications through the proven app store model.

I'm also interested in gauging the community's perspective on HTML5, along with the Chrome Web Store. I'll be running in-person surveys while at the conference, with free Google t-shirts (while supplies last) to entice participants. I really want to hear your ideas, concerns, and successes with these technologies, so I hope to meet as many Rails developers as possible.

Mahalo, and see you at RailsConf!

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