HTML5 Survey for the Ruby on Rails Developer


I'm at RailsConf 2010 this week, and really enjoying networking and learning from the Rails community. This community is very concerned with learning, improving, and writing clean code.

Most Rails conferences, RailsConf and my own admittedly, are focused on server-side concerns (Model or Controller) to the detriment of front end engineering (View). This is neither bad nor good, but I would like to see more focus on the View. Consequently, it's difficult to get a good feeling of modern View engineering practices in the Rails community.

Modern View engineering is, in my mind, adoption of the family of HTML5 features. HTML5 formalizes and standardizes on many of the rich user interface features that native clients and desktop applications have had for years. Web applications are now capable of providing very rich and immersive experiences. This should be extremely exciting for the Rails community!

To help myself gain a real understanding of the Rails community's perception, knowledge, and deployment of HTML5, I've created a HTML5 and Ruby on Rails survey. I would really appreciate if you, as a Rails developer, can take two minutes and let me (and Google) know your experience and impressions of HTML5 features. I know your time is very valuable, and I thank you in advance for your feedback.

Also, if you are at RailsConf 2010, please sign up for the Google RailsConf Hackfest. We'll be helping you check out Rails on App Engine, Google Storage Service, Apps Marketplace, or Chrome Web Store. If you fill out the quick survey, stop by the hackfest for a Google t-shirt (while supplies last).

Have a great time at RailsConf, please fill out the HTML5 survey, and see you at the Hackfest!

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