My First Days at Google


It's day two of my new adventure as a Developer Advocate for Google. I have joined the Chrome Developer Relations team based in Mountain View, California, but more on that later.

Day One was a full day of Orientation. We are affectionately called Nooglers, and Google did a good job of introducing us to the culture, business, food, forms, tips, and even safety and security. My Noogler class was not small, and they run this every week! It's clear they are growing fast and have this orientation process down pretty well.

For those wondering, some of us were able to choose Windows laptops. Although, easily 75% or more of my Nooglers had a MacBook Pro on their desk. I heard from at least one PC user that they wanted to switch to Mac after seeing so many out there.

We received breakfast and lunch. As you can imagine, food is no joke to Google. I believe I dreamt about food last night! Feeding the Googlers is serious business, and I look forward to trying all 19 or so cafes on the Mountain View campus.

We received our badges, activated our accounts, received and updated our laptops, and listened to presentations for most of the day. I found the business one the most interesting. I look forward to the two week training period, where engineers learn about the Life of a Search Query, Server, Data Center, and other topics like logging and testing. Normally, the first two weeks are taken up by the training and just settling in, but because I'm headed to RailsConf 2010, I've got an accelerated schedule.

At RailsConf, I will be there representing the Chrome Web Store, among other technologies such as HTML5. Chrome Web Store, announced at Google IO 2010, is a new initiative from Google to help developers of web applications distribute and monetize their apps.

The details are scarce, even for me, but I'll be taking a crash course on Chrome Web Store this week before RailsConf. I think Rails developers are going to love Chrome Web Store, because they can more easily monetize their web apps.

I'll write more about Chrome Web Store as I learn it. If you will be at RailsConf 2010, and you are interested in Chrome Web Store or any other Chrome or HTML5 based technologies, please do look me up! I'd love to take you out for a drink so I can learn what you need from HTML5 or Chrome Web Store.

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