Sixteen HTML5 Articles, Tutorials, and Resources

HTML5 is being adopted quickly, with many of the specs already enjoying cross browser support.  Now is the perfect time to dive in and begin to plan HTML5 feature implementation to enable the types of Rich, Fast, and Highly Functional applications users are demanding.

I can recommend the following set of resources to begin your journey.  Have fun, get creative, and start hacking!


HTML5 Rocks!

Interactive presentation, Code playground, and Tutorials.  Produced by Google’s Chrome Developer Relations team.

What is HTML5 and Why Should We Care?

High level infographic illustrating the different HTML5 features and how they are related.

HTML5 Readiness

Browser implementation of individual HTML5 features.  This page itself is written using HTML5!

HTML5 Demos

List of demos by feature and browser support.

Get Started

HTML5 Presentation... in HTML5!

An HTML5 presentation written in HTML5.  Covers all of the new features, with demos for most.

Dive Into HTML5

This site is perfect to get a technical overview of HTML5 features.  It is updated frequently, and tracks browser implementation.

HTML5 Gallery

A showcase of sites using HTML5 features.  Provides tips and commentary for each site mentioned.  Good resource for learning best practices.

Developing with HTML5 Video from Google IO

This video covers the HTML5 APIs available to Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS applications and Google Chrome extensions.


Javascript library to help with HTML5 feature detection across browsers.

HTML5 Doctor

Get expert advice and guidance from the Doctor!


Delicious HTML5 Links

A real-time, grab bag of HTML5 related links.

Building Fast HTML5 Apps

A bit iPad specific, but good tips for speeding up your site’s visuals.

Chrome Browser HTML5 Platform Status

Milestones and road maps for Chrome Browser HTML5 feature implementation.

When Can I Use

Very detailed list of browser support for each feature of HTML5.

60 HTML5 Articles

Large collection of various HTML5 articles and tutorials.

HTML5 Training

Five different HTML5 training courses offered around the world.

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