HTML5 Storage and Offline Presentation

I was lucky enough to be able to present HTML5 Storage and Offline Technologies at the Bocoup Loft in Boston on March 10th, 2011.  Bocoup is a really cool web development agency, and I appreciate their offer to host and facilitate the talk.

Many thanks go out to Mr. Eric Bidelman for putting together the awesome slides from which I poached and remixed.  And by remixed I mean more or less stole.

HTML5 enables offline applications and local data storage and caching.  This leads to quicker start up times, faster processing and less network and server utilization (always a good thing).  With offline and storage, we have many technologies at our disposal:

  • App Cache for cached static assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Local Storage, basically replacing cookies
  • WebSQL DB for full relational SQL
  • Indexed DB for a very JavaScript-y object storage and retrieval system
  • File System APIs for sandboxes, virtualized filesystems accessible from your web app
If you're confused and just getting started, I highly recommend the HTML5 Storage and Offline presentation.  There's more info at HTML5 Rocks Offline page as well.

Happy hacking!  And remember, Target Smart Browsers!

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