HTML5 game developers can now register for New Game

New Game the conference for HTML5 game developers, has opened registration. Speakers, sessions, and our first keynote from Rich Hilleman, EA's CCO, have been announced. We are proud to feature speakers from Google, Bocoup, Mozilla, Opera, Moblyng, Spil, Subsonic, and more.

Early bird prices are now available, and won't last long. The conference is expected to sell out, I recommend registering today.

New Game is picking up interest. The Google Code Blog, the Chromium Blog, and Gamasutra have blogged about the event.

Conference directors Bocoup will be running an HTML5 game development workshop the day before the event. Some topics covered include: Canvas 2D, WebGL, audio APIs, Input and Events, and asset management.

For more information, please check out the New Game site, read the Press Release, and follow @newgameconf on Twitter.

I found the future of gaming, it's in my browser. See you at New Game!

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