7 reasons why Angry Birds is great

I've been thinking a lot about what makes Angry Birds such a great game.

  1. Quick iterations. It's very fast to try and try again.
  2. Quick feedback. You know within 2 seconds if your bird was successful.
  3. Game play expands to time available. Got 5 seconds? Got 10 minutes? You can play Angry Birds.
  4. Randomness like a slot machine. Research shows that humans need to find the pattern in the signal. When a system fails to yield a pattern, humans try harder to find the pattern. Take slot machines for example. There's no pattern, and the reward when you win is greater. Angry Birds is the same way, as the game is not deterministic. Do the exact thing twice in a row and you will get different results. It's frustratingly delicious and keeps you coming back.
  5. Explosions. Seeing stuff break and poof is fun.
  6. Colorful. Theming is pleasant and fun.
  7. New in Angry Birds Social: Friendly Competition. Seeing your friends' scores is motivating.
What else makes the game great?

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