Lawndart helps you write offline web apps

I'm happy to announce my new Lawndart library for Dart, which helps you build offline-enabled modern web apps. Using Lawndart, you can use a consistent and easy interface no matter what underlying storage mechanism is supported.

These things are seriously dangerous. The toy, not the source code.

Lawndart was initially inspired by lawnchair, a JavaScript library that helps to provide a consistent interface across client-side storage. However, Lawndart evolved and adopted a Future based API for more composable methods.

Available in version 0.2.0:
  • Unified API for in-memory, local storage, indexed db, and websql
  • Future-based APIs
  • Tests
  • Example Web UI app with IndexedDB

Here is an example of using Lawndart to open, clear, save, and retrieve data:

 var store = new IndexedDbAdapter('teststore', 'testdb');  
  .then((_) => store.nuke())  
  .then((_) =>, "hello"))  
  .then((_) =>"is fun", "dart"))  
  .then((_) => store.getByKey("hello"))  
  .then((value) => query('#$id').text = value);  

Thanks to Futures, the APIs can be chained. All methods in Lawndart return a Future for asynchronous behavior.

You can install Lawndart from pub, Dart's package manager. Simply add a dependency to lawndart in your pubspec.yaml file:

 name: your_cool_app  
  lawndart: any  

Lawndart is open source and hosted on Github. Pull requests are much appreciated, as are bugs and feature requests.

Please try Lawndart and let me know what you think!

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